What 2020 ACTUALLY taught us?

Different people might have different opinions but what 2020 REALLY taught us

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1. What they said: "Arey duniya aise hi thode hi na ruk sakti hai. Kuch bhi ho
jaae the world will not stop even for a minute"

Answer: Lockdowns of 2020

2. What they said: "Arey this world runs on travel. Duniya me sab khatam ho jaae
travel kabhi bhi khatam nahi ho sakta"

Answer: Travel bans of 2020

3. What they said: "Arey ab hamare medical science ne itni tarakki kar li hai we
can treat and prevent any desease"

Answer: Covid19

4. What they said: "Arey Bitcoin aise hi koi thode hi na $5000 ho jaaega. Not
possible now."

Answer: March 2020

5. What they said: "Arey Bitcoin aise hi koi thode hi na $25,000 ho jaaega. Not
possible now."

Answer: December 2020

6. What they said: "OMG! I can't believe a good bollywood actor can commit
suicide like this"

Answer: SSR

7. What they said: "Arey duniya me koi paise aise raato raat kabhi band honge
kya bhala. Desh tabaah ho jaaega aisa kuch hua to" (Not 2020, but you got the

Answer: The Demonetization

8. What they said: "OMG, I can't believe this happened, that happened"

Answer: Pretty much everything that happened in 2020!!


I saw people getting shocked on incidents, especially the ones they had never
seen or even imagined, failing to let things sink, and honestly, some of them
were quite laughable.

So what does it teach you? For me, it's about a single message: STOP BEING
SHOCKED by anything under the sun and prepare yourself for any incident to
happen. The universe is big, and such tiny events are no more than a dust
particle in the entire frame of things.

The share market may crash and your entire life savings can be vanished in a
moment, the largest of the banks can go bankrupt, any government can fall
overnight, an entire nation can collapse, and anyone around you can leave
you/die any moment.

No, I'm not spreading negativity but I'm preparing you for the worst that can
happen with anyone anytime. If you have mastered the art of remaining composed
with the impossible incidents, you have achieved more maturity than most of the

So stop being shaken up with any news, rumor, or incident. I have been guilty of
giving people a shock, or jokingly tell something which they thought are
impossible and seeing them jumping from their chair. Honestly, it makes me want
to fix them but I can only fix a handful at a time.

Be stable, remain composed, read history, do your research, let the things
unfold naturally, but never let yourself in the position to say "OMG This can't
be true!!" - This is the true learning we should carry in 2021!

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