Well the good news is we are officially at 20,000+ users at Masterlife. We have
launched 35 courses so far and as time goes by, there seems to be a need for
skills for the mind.

Few of our learnings:

1) Courses around Confidence, Mental Health, High Performance Mindset,
Millionaire Morning Routine seem to have the highest views/interaction rate. We
are gonna be creating a lot more in this space.

2) The audience seems to have refined to a more 30-45 type of demographic with
the top 10% of India wanting to explore courses/1 on 1 with experts after they
seem to have satisfied a lot of their security needs.

3) Nobody today is really creating around courses/content for the mind in the
vernacular level.

4) The average time a user spends who has bought the app is 1 hour and 32

Things we are working on:

1) 1 on 1's with experts
2) Gamification on the platform
3) Group Classes aka Modified version of MTBY
4) Courses with Hindi Sub-titles
5) Lots more courses around the mind (On Resilience, Masculine Toxicity,
Rewiring Your Mind, Combating Loneliness, Creativity)
6) Gifting

The goal for 2021 is when people think of the mind and are thinking of changing
their perspective, changing the way they think, they should think of Masterlife.

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Originally posted by Anirudh Narayan on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/anirudh-narayan