In the early 80s, Everest Advertising created a TVC with Ashok Kumar and Shammi
Kapoor who talked about welcoming the baaraat/ guests with Pan Parag. But
"Baratiyon ka swagat Pan Parag se kijiye" was more than just a TVC

Pan masala, is a social product. It allows strangers to bond, generating
conversation and friendships. Yet the negativity of health issues haunted it.

Interestingly, it was through this advertisement that the two giants came
together for the first and last time. Kapoor once said in an interview that this
has fulfilled his dream of working with Ashok Kumar.

But the adv had a high recall value but more for its anti-dowry message

The reasons – A) the idea of ‘Baratiyon ka swagat’ — as much feared by the
“ladki wale” as it is considered a right by the “ladka walas” in a patriarchal
society. B) rejection of dowry, a burning issue in the early ’80s when there
were as many as 5 deaths/day in the NCR alone, even though there was an
anti-dowry Act in place.

From ‘83 to ‘87 – Pan Parag was the single largest brand to advertise on TV