Welcome to the party guys and let the game begin!

We all are here for learning. Don't worry if you think what you gonna say is
common and everyone must be knowing. sometimes, we just miss that common thing
and it costs us a lot. Unlike StartupTalky we won't have 100K members here, I
will add every new member after a good verification, so treat it as your family
and be open. I do expect atleast a comment from each one of us on every post.

I would love to know how should we proceed.

What I have thought is I will bring one startup and ask the founding team to
create a pitch containing all the details and we will have a discussion going in
the comments.

You can provide suggestion, critical and constructive feedback, ask any question
ask anything and everything related to the product or the industry. It's better
if your back anything up with data.

Your take?
Posted by Shubham Kumar
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