We, #Writers Are Indeed Weird Creatures!

Lately, Writer’s Block has again bitten me to find some inspiration I read an
article on how famous writers/poets deal with it and oh boy, I really find so
many interesting things like -

🕵️‍♂️ Dr. Seuss kept an immense collection of nearly three hundred hats that he
used wear to get inspiration.

🍎 Friedrich Schiller claimed that he was unable to write without being able to
detect the smell of rotten apples. So, he kept a rotten apple always on his

🧳 Truman Capote refused to start or finish a piece of writing on a Friday.

WoW! Right?

But, that made be think about my writing superstitions and turned out I have
many like -

🙈 I always write in Caliber font size 12 because my first accepted sample was
in it.
🙊 I can write only when I am seated on the left side of my bed (don’t know

Now, tell me your Weird Writing Jinx so we can be #Creative Together!

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