We witnessed India’s online #gamingindustry gaining tremendously in 2020 thanks
to the lockdown, even #VCs stepped up investments in the otherwise
under-financed sector.

3 out of the top 5 highest-grossing apps in India are in the gaming category, as
per AppBrain

India is also the largest emerging market by Gaming app downloads(3B/year).

It's poised to be the world’s fastest-growing mobile gaming market, as per KPMG.

On average, gaming platforms recorded user growth of 60-70% during the lockdown.

India has 320M+ gamers today, it is expected to grow at 47% by 2022, according
to Maple Capital Advisors.

There are over 400 #gamingstartups in India, & the sector will be valued at
$3.75B by 2024.

Segments that are witnessing maximum uptick are,

Casual board games, real-money gaming, & fantasy sports.

While the present demographic is largely young (18-24) & male,
several gaming platforms saw an increase in users in the 25-35 age group.

Some like Paytm First Games had users between 35 - 45.

Casual board games are also attracting participation from women.

Thus Indicating a larger addressable market,

In 2021 it's more likely to see more VC funding.

Will this space be dominated by bigger players or create a lot of opportunities
for new entrants?

What are your thoughts?