We will destroy this niche. My biggest satisfaction in life is destroying SERPs.
To rephrase this, destroying competition from the SERPs, giving them no chance
to be in the top.

That’s why I have just bought 5 domain names, and we’ll use all of them, to
“attack” ONE niche that is dominated by under-optimised, bad UI, templated
websites with only 150-400 linking domains in Ahrefs.

The top of those under-optimised websites from this niche have 1 million+ users
per month, generating £10K+ per month in passive income from ads, all pure
profit, with no website maintenance or content creation at all.

I want a piece of that pie, and this is a great opportunity and a hidden gem
that I’ve discovered this week.

The trick is to identify websites that are templated, have thousands of keyword
on Google with at least 3000 searches/month each, and the most important thing,
make sure they don’t have many domains linking back to them.

Then replicate what they have done, but do it better.

Any good SEO can just go in like a wrecking ball in a SERP like that, and start
making passive income within months.

Would anyone like to build up something like this?

Let me know if yes, and I’ll create a post with details on another hidden gem
like the above, and how to go for it.

#seo #passiveincome

Posted by Fery Kaszoni on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/ferenczkaszoni