We’ve seen plenty of horrid content in our line of work, along with some awesome

Those bad ones usually had one thing in common.

They lacked structure.

The writer wandered and lost the train of thought.

The lack of structure caused many other issues.

Those insights had us develop a repeatable system for content creation and
increase the level of our content 10x, but that’s a story for another day.

Today, I just want to share my two cents on how you can quickly prevent
wandering off and having off-topic sections in your content.

1. Define subheadings that are relevant to your main topic
2. Check that each, and the whole section is on point
3. Don’t cover too many things in one section, rather add a subsection to
expand, but be topically on point
4. Start each section with a relevant statement, followed by elaboration and
5. Close each section with a brief conclusion or link back to the introduction
of the section.

Most importantly, write for the reader, not for yourself.

Just because you have 10 ideas you want to share, that doesn’t mean the reader
wants to read them all in one article.

Focus on making your article to the point, and use all the extra information you
want to share as a topic for another article.

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