We have this section on the Stoa School landing page titled

We can't "teach" you business.

I remember how apprehensive we were of that statement initially, simply because
it sounded negative and all the copywriting bibles in the world will advise you
not to lead with negatives.

But then, being entrepreneurs and practitioners ourselves, we thought that for
any smart person looking to join Stoa to start her own venture, this was going
to be the strongest objection.

It had to be. Because any entrepreneur worth her salt will tell you that you can
learn business only by doing it. There are no shortcuts.

Going with this statement, then, was simply a matter of being honest with the
reader and acknowledging a hard truth.

We reasoned that tackling it head-on would let us get the major underlying
objection out of the way so that the smart ones could focus on the real meat of
the offering — without thinking that we were trying to sell them anything that
we couldn't possibly offer.

Was it the right decision? Only time will tell.

Originally posted by Aditya Kulkarni on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/aditya-kulkarni-9452423b