We have all binged on ‘self-improvement’ videos, books, blogs, and podcasts. And
the net impact on our life is … ZERO.

But how will watching videos do any good if we can’t get up from the couch? How
do we break the iron grip of lethargy, procrastination, and the lure of ‘doing
it tomorrow?’

Here is the answer: Begin at the beginning. Start the day with an intense
workout, and a 20-30 min meditation. If you have time, do a morning journal for
15 min.

On top of it, if you want a huge head start, start the day early. That is why I
am a huge proponent of the 5 am routine, though what matters more is having a
consistent routine.

With the morning routine under our belt, we start our day by defeating our
craving mind. From my experience over a decade, EVERY time I work out, my
confidence, optimism, and energy levels skyrocket.

With that gush of energy, we can power through most of our challenges. Remember
- nobody will rescue us from our problems. The solution is to harden our
mindset, and then smash the lethargy and procrastination.

So, what next?

Set the alarm and start tomorrow morning.

PS: The next edition of our 5 am 'Become a Morning Person bootcamp' starts on
Dec 14. I personally lead the meditation & journaling. Check out the first
comment to apply.