We had an amazing year at Sanfe as we were able to scale from Rs 0/month to Rs
1.5 Cr/month net revenue within 6 months growing around 35% MoM with healthy
margins, increasing 15% MoM.

1. Never calculated GMV or any other vanity matrices, just focussed upon net
revenue, Contribution & EBITDA Margins.

2. Content, Category, Consumer, and Community are the center.

A. We talked to almost all our customers, to figure out why they are buying, and
any apprehensions in their mind. The deep engagement with customers gave us more
data points, and those data points gave us more customers, creating a data and
customer compounding effect.

B. Content Creation, We created ads of what customers were saying, in 6 months,
we did around 350+ creatives.
Categories - From 5 SKUs, we went to 50+ SKUs, after evaluation of more than
600+ product ideas on the basis of data points, while sticking to our core brand

C. Community and Experimenting - As a brand, our goal was that people should
talk about Sanfe & have NPS, therefore iterating CX around 75+ times, and
creating a community of 2500+ women talking about us on Social media.

I am thankful to a bunch of sharpest team members, and investors for building
this out.

Posted by Archit Agarwal on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/architagarwalsanfe