We all know that Kareena Kapoor is expecting a second child.
we know that Anushka Sharma is expecting her first child.
we also know which actor wear which designer cloth ..... But do you know who was
Cadet Amit Raj? I know your answer and I don't completely blame you for this. We
only get to see sh*t on news but nothing else.

On 7th of Dec, Cadet Amit Raj of Sainik School(Purulia) was at his hometown in
Bihar when he heard people shouting at his neighbourhood. Went out to see a
house was on fire. Without thinking and entered the house to safe 3 children who
were trapped inside. He sustained 85% of burn by the time he saved the first two
children and decided to save the third one. He was in no condition to save the
third child but entered the house to only come out saving the third but received
95% burns. He was admitted to a nearby hospital and was later sifted to Delhi.
The braveheart lost his life on 13th December.

Not even single media house covered this story. Such a shame. Even Google will
not throw much information about this incident.

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