Wanted to share a snippet from our team's internal memo. Company building is not
a press release cycle - it is patience, consistent work & some luck.

I write an internal memo to our team every week and to our investors every month
- on company progress, roadblocks & milestones.

From the outside, it may look like BimaPe is a rocket ship but we're very early
(~7 months old today) and have a long way to go.

To give you perspective with numbers for this week:
āš™ļø4 new insurers supported by Pranav, Eashan & Kunal
šŸ“±74 UI changes pushed by Krish & Nishant
ā˜Žļø150+ customer support tickets done by Vishrut & me
āš”10% growth in the base of activated & active users

We've got a couple of milestones regarding BimaPe to share - starting with our
ability to allow members to purchase insurance from 20+ insurance companies.

7,300+ members trust BimaPe to simplify their insurance for them; you can start
by discovering your hidden insurance benefits here (https://bimape.com/)

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn
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