Want to test the benefits of patience immediately?

Although it may take upto seconds to 72 hours.

Visit any platform allowing you to buy goods & services

Continue with checkout and all the steps and finally cancel the transaction at
payment info screen/window.

Possibly you will see an instant discount offer while exiting the website of you
may receive an email with discount coupon or code.

Interesting, isn't it?

So why does it happen?

Most of the businesses selling products & services online are already aware and
have estimates about average conversions per visit/session/hour/day/month

If it's 5%-15% without any hooks (discounts, cashbacks, bundled offers, Buy 1
Get 1 offers, etc)

That means they need to use hooks to win back 95%-85% possible conversions

Hence they plan event & actions triggered hooks and activate them via web/app or

Patience works, try it.

Not only in such cases but in all aspects of life.