Want to do cold outreach on LinkedIn right?

First you need to...

1) Have a proper LinkedIn profile (make sure you check all the boxes, ask my
friend Jared J. WIESE if you need help).

2) Build some rapport with your prospect (Anant Jain followed me before sending
the connection request), the more, the merrier.

3) Send a connection request WITH the kind of message ("Add a note") that YOU
would like to receive.

But most importantly, make sure you have something of VALUE to offer.

Still one of those individuals that thinks cold outreach is SPAM??

I suggest you listen to the father of advertising, the great David Ogilvy:
"Advertising is only evil if it advertises evil things.".

So instead of being trigger happy, judging, condemning and shaming people like
there's no tomorrow, take a step back, exercise Wisdom and consider that behind
that cold outreach there may be a real human being that is simply hustling to
make their dreams come true, just like you.

Be compassionate, remember, who can "cast the first stone"?

Yes, there's a lot of SPAM (inheritance/romance scams and what not) going around
and NOBODY likes that.

Well done Anant Jain, I have accepted your connection request. I don't have an
immediate need for your services, but if I do, you will certainly be TOP OF

Originally posted by Rodrigo Martinez on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/rodrigo--martinez