Want a number 1 ranking in 2020?

It's pretty simple. You *have* to produce the best content online.

Not subpar content. Not even very good content.

If you want to land on the first page of Google - which, let's be honest is
incredibly difficult - then you need to publish the very best content possible.

What does the best content look like?

There’s a specific formula (more on that later).

But, before you create anything, do this:

Go to Google and perform a search for a keyword or topic.

Look at the top 5 results, make sure you read through each of them.

Those top 5 pieces of content?

That’s the baseline.

*Your content needs to be better than all of them*

If you can create a piece of content that is objectively better, then you
deserve to rank on the first page.

Heck, if it’s better than all 5, then you deserve to rank in position 1.

But that takes time.

You’ll have to rely on Google for that.

Either way, your goal should be to create the best piece of content for any
given topic.

Because if it's not, do you really deserve to rank number one?

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