AeronPay  is a Digital Payment Platform in India, which allows its users to use Digital Payment Services. It helps people to become "CASHLESS". Here, a unique service for all AeronPay users is "Wallet Transfer".

What is "Wallet Transfer"?

Basically, “Wallet Transfer” is a service where you can transfer your money from one wallet to another wallet at the same time without entering beneficiary details. These transactions are simply done by entering a mobile number. It makes your way of transactions very easy and takes less time.

In the AeronPay, you can transfer your money from your AeronPay wallet to another AeronPay wallet at Zero Cost. Nowadays, all peoples want their transaction journey easy. 

Now, we start a unique way of wallet transfer “On-demand”, we allow our customers to transfer their money from "AeronPay wallet to Paytm Wallet" and "AeronPay wallet to Amazon Pay Wallet". We continuously work on the demand of the customers. We will soon be adding some other wallets Like- the Mobikwik wallet, and OLA Money.

This service makes AeronPay different from other e-wallets in the digital payment industry.

Follow the steps to transfer the AeronPay wallet money to another wallet.

Open AeronPay App   →  Select the “More” option →   Select “Wallet Transfer”   →   Select Transact Wallet   →  Enter RMN   →   Enter Amount   →  Verify Details   →   Transaction Done!


•              Open the AeronPay app on your mobile, at the Home page will find the "More” section.

•              When you click on the “More” section, there you will find the option of "Wallet Transfer".

•              You will be shown the wallet options here, select the wallet option in which you want to transfer your wallet money (AeronPay, Paytm, Amazon Pay)

•              Next, enter your selected wallet Registered Mobile Number (RMN) and click on the Arrow.

•              Enter the amount you want to transfer to the other wallet and click on “Pay”.

•              There you will find all details related to this transaction before completing the transaction.

•              At last, after checking all the details proceed to complete the transaction, your transaction will be completed within 3 seconds and you are done. (T&C apply).