Very tough to become like Brian Dean

Specially if you belong to Indian digital marketing community

I am huge fan of his content

But why I am saying this

It take hell lot of time, effort and patience to become like him

My analysis as a digital marketer on him

Sometime tough to rank on keyword on which he is ranking ( everyone can't write
5000-10000) word of blog - main apne student ko 1000 words bol du to fiver aa
jaata hai )

Everyone don't know how to monetize their content , you will hardly see any
direct promotion from his side - Hum indian to bina affiliate link, pop-up ke
behos hi ho jaayenge 1-2 month mein

It's tough to seat for so long hours while working on content , here 90 % Indian
blogger work on generic content. Brian Dean every content is source of
inspiration but I can also understand his source of effort and dedication. This
year I have also brought tons of keyword in ranking and it was such a pain to
work day and night sometime.

Confidence on your work , generally people keep sharing their knowledge about
every piece of digital marketing ( specially in Indian communities , people
start doubting your expertise if you are claimed Google ads expert and won't be
able to revert their SEO questions and to justify your skill you keep hustling
with your half cooked knowledge ). Brian restrict on SEO mainly altough it's
very tough thing to do but he have confidence in his work

I am not blaming anyone but I need to see more experts like Brian in India and
their is huge potential in our eco system ( few factors like earning, resources
and encouragement is also infleuncing it )

What's your take and please ignore bad English

Posted by Pranav Jha on Facebook