Very early or early stage startups can leverage Partnerships & Collaborations to
build businesses from scratch.

Without waiting to get funded and losing competitive advantage of being early
mover. How?

Your partner could be an individuals, small businesses or late stage companies

offering one or other services to your target industry.

Ex. If you plan to offer a real life experience of 70s, 80s and 90s to Gen Z
setting up a designed/artificial village

You are creating a premium/previliged experience service that Gen Z and their
parents would love to buy in.

Additionally you are creating a huge advertising & branding inventory for
partnering companies.

Internet penetration and smartphone usage metrics suggest, the Young India has a
lot to say and share on Social Media.

Now can you think of why

An individual with 1000s of square feet vacant land or space,

a ply board, hosiery, groceries, local cattle farms

and many other partners will commit to be the part of it without you paying them

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