VC/Investor look for at least 2 founder in organisations.

For us at Appitsimple, (& for many organisations I know), being a single lead
founder company has been way better. We hardly have any “ideation” discussion.
Don’t need multiple people approval. Decision making is super fast. & There are
no EGO clashes.

For investors, having 2 founders is probably a way of reducing risk. But if you
are going bootstrapped, I think being single lead founder is simple & more

Kayako, Fusion Charts are some companies that did excellent as a single lead
founder company.

Why I use “single lead founder” is because most single founder companies have
another founder introduced at a later stage.


The other founder in Appitsimple is


, my better half, but she lets me operate WRT to strategy like a single founder
company. (Thanks to her )

Posted by Ankit Dudhwewala on Facebook