"VC fund has 3-phases... clueless, sane, and lazy" says Rahul Chandra.

Just finished reading this book, authored by Venture Capitalist. Being myself an
entrepreneur, I wanted to know what happened at the other side of the table when
any VC funds startup.

Interestingly, VC also goes through struggle to raise funds from Fund Managers
companies. Finding and putting the money into the right startup. They try hard
supporting startups to get ROI from exits, IPO to prove themselves as a
Successful VC fund.

I was a part of the book launch Evening Event organized, last week by Mr. Rajesh
Sawhney an Angel Investor and the founder of GSF Accelerator.

Rahul has been working with start-ups over the past twenty years and invested
into start-ups like MakeMyTrip, BookMyShow and many which brought a change in

PS : Guys, I am back, I had some medical issues to deal with. Will be active
again here with my hashtag #AskRakeshSidana

I have written book review here for You Link :

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