You can understand the difference between the different kinds of design in the
diagram below. It illustrates how each area ask different questions.

Usually, UI Designers focus on the concrete side of a digital experience. They
work together with UX Designers to understand the context of use.

Service Designers go further, analysing the experience on the backstage of a
service: what happens when nobody is looking? What are the challenges that
employees face when working behind the curtain?

Complex System Designers (in Services context they can also be called Multilevel
Service Designers or Constellation Designers) look to a multi-actor interaction
and what happens beyond the business. What is the impact in the community? Is
there some harm caused by the service? What are the ethical issues raised by the
service or experience? (So, service design can use this systemic approach as
correctly pointed by Adam StJohn Lawrence)

Of course, this is a shallow description. Here in Savannah College of Art and
Design our Service Design students learn how to orchestrate all those approaches
under a systemic perspective.

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