Usually solo founders spend most of their time working with developers.

Discussing what & how to build, progress on the build, etc. Are you one of them?

If your answer is YES.

Then you need to be a bit cautious here.

Working on a product is as important as understanding the changes in scope of
the problem you are trying to address.

The shape, size, frequency, cost to relief, external factors, competitive
solutions changes over a period of time.

The best thing you can do here is to

(1) create a list of early adopters who are actually facing this problem

(2) release product with core features asap and ask early adopters to try it

(3) trigger an automated feedback email to users based on desired actions

(4) ask them (automated) for a referral or social media shout out with
pre-defined text templates

By doing so you already have a userbase who know the product & will stick to it
if it is solving their problem.

Even then there are changes in scope of the problem, constant touch with users
will help improve the product

How often are you speaking with your users?

If you are a solo founder & need a partner who can assist in product planning,
pricing, marketing/sales automation set up.

Send me a DM

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