Users are fleeing from WhatsApp following the announcement that it would begin
sharing certain usage data with parent company Facebook

You might be seeing lot of your friends & family moving to either Telegram or
Signal Messenger

Hence the company has responded that it will delay the update.The changes now
won't go into place until after May 2021

It's notable but unsurprising that this is only a delay, rather than a reversal

Facebook isn't a non-profit or a charity; it doesn't purchase any company
without an intention to eventually make money from it

And at a whopping $19 billion, WhatsApp remains Facebook's biggest acquisition
to date — one that it hasn't yet turned into a money-printing machine.

WhatsApp has gone on the defensive, trying to emphasize that Facebook cannot
read users' communications, nor does it keep logs of location data or private

Already all apps are taking some basics information of their customers to create
a greater user experience.The lines between sensitive & general data are

It depends on the country's data security law. In Europe strict GDPR rules are
in place to protect the data to some extent

However in India our data policy is still vague. A strong data security policy
should be imposed to avoid these scandals


Posted by Krithika Raj on LinkedIn