Use THIS rule to push forward.

The 40% rule 🧠

"When your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really only 40 percent done."

Why does the brain cheat us? Evolution.

The brain wants us to survive.

For example, if you are running. At some point, the brain will ask you to stop
to prevent you from straying away from resources and dying.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) that's not a problem for us today.

Also, society wants us to be comfortable.

Doing something that makes us uncomfortable is something to avoid.

The advantage of this modern society is that if you try a little bit more, it's
much easier to succeed now.

Examples to push through this fake 40% limit:

> During a deep work session, you feel you've done enough after 40 minutes. Know
that you can actually push beyond 90 minutes.

> If you jog 4 kms and your brain is telling you can't go anymore, know that you
can actually jog 10 kms.

The rule can be applied as a life principle in various other aspects of your
life as well.

> You can fail many times as an entrepreneur and keep going knowing that your
brain is asking you to stop way too early.

> You can continue launching products+marketing campaigns even if you think you
have failed enough!

Apply this rule to any area of your life.

All the best!

Originally posted by Rishabh Dev - Growth Marketing Consultant on LinkedIn