Use our brand love curve to focus your media objectives and strategy.

For unknown or indifferent brands, invest in the early part of the consumer
journey, with media focused on building awareness to establish the brand
positioning in the mind of consumers to separate your brand from the pack.

Brands at the like it stage must separate themselves from others, to build
momentum and create a following. Focus on closing the deal, by motivating
consumers to buy. You can use search tools and deal-closing claims at the point
of sale to resolve any remaining doubts. You can utilize your own e-commerce
website or sites such as Amazon, Expedia, or Groupon.

Brands at the love it stage must turn your consumer’s repeat purchases into
higher usage frequency and become a favorite part of your consumer’s day.

At the beloved brand stage, you should begin shifting to a maintenance media
plan, enough to maintain your brand’s leadership presence and perception.

Read how it takes a strategic mind to figure out how to manage brand love

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Originally posted by Graham Robertson on LinkedIn