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📈 Equity Risk Premium Model for Investors [TEMPLATE] 📈

Forecast the future return of stock with this incredibly comprehensive ERP model
by Aswath Damodaran (Professor of Finance at NYU Stern School of Business).

The model includes:

✅ An option to adjust earnings for expected COVID effects.
✅ Historical ERP since 1928.
✅ Capital IQ S&P 500 data (market cap, buybacks, cash return, and more).
✅ Buyback and dividend computation.

Word of caution:

Remember that ERP models assume the market will always provide greater returns
than the risk-free rate — which may not always be a valid assumption.

BUT keeping this in mind, this is one of the most complete and up-to-date models
I‘ve seen so far!

Happy to share a copy of the FULLY EDITABLE template.
👇👇 Just leave a comment below and I'll send it over ASAP! 👇👇

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