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πŸš€ The VC Tool Stack [RESOURCE] πŸš€
200+ tech tools for investors πŸ‘‡

Technology is used to enhance every stage of the PE/VC investment process β€”
From sourcing to evaluation to value-add.

The problem:
With so many tech tools out there, it can be difficult to find the ones that are
right for YOUR needs, budget, team size, and location.

That’s why I’m sharing 200+ tools for PE/VC firms to:

➑️ Gain an overview of the current tool landscape.
➑️ Understand which tools are used for what (and why).
➑️ Determine the tools that will work best for your needs and structures.

❗ Includes data sources and tools for research, portfolio management, CRM, deal
flow management, matchmaking, and more!

No matter whether you want to adopt off-the-shelf tools or if you are looking to
build your own in-house solutions β€”
This list is an indispensable asset for all investors looking to streamline and
automate their processes.

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