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🦄Unicorn Companies
Who would have thought…

“Unicorn” would become a finance term.
In 2013, venture capital investor Aileen Lee used it to describe rare tech
startups valued at more than $1 billion

So what happened to the ‘rare’ part?
And why the increasing number of unicorns?

🚀400+ Unicorn companies worldwide as of November 2020
🚀Total Cumulative Valuation: $1,575B

VCs — Here’s a current and complete list of current Unicorn companies

Some beliefs for the increase:

1️⃣High-speed growth strategies
VCs invest big bucks in every financing round to capture the biggest market
Tech giants acquire startups to diversify the business, minimize competitors,
and acquire existing technologies. Due to competition, they offer a significant
premium that boosts the valuation of target companies — creating unicorns
3️⃣Innovations in Technologies
For faster startup growth. Unicorn startups leverage new tech to reach customers
faster and achieve mass production in a shorter time

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Why do you think there are more unicorns?

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