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📝 Due Diligence Docs Required for M&As [CHECKLIST]

10% of all large M&A deals are abandoned before closing.
One of the main issues, according to McKinsey:

⛔ Misunderstandings and miscommunications just before or during the due
diligence stage.

That's why I'm sharing a checklist of 80+ documents that need to be collected
for DD.👇

It includes the following categories:

✅ Legal
✅ Financial
✅ Sales and Marketing
✅ Human Resources
✅ Property, Plant, and Equipment
✅ Contract
✅ Company's Good Standing and Organization

❗ Buyers / Investors: Use the list to know which DD documents you SHOULD be

❗ CEOs / Founders: Put these documents together BEFORE looking for a buyer to
get an overview of your own business, potential weaknesses, and areas that need

Just leave a comment below and I'll send you the list ASAP! 👇👇👇

➡️ Tip: Use a virtual data room such as CapLinked to collect due diligence
documents safely and efficiently!

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