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šŸ“ˆ Complex LBO Model Template (fully editable) šŸ“ˆ
For investors looking to buy out a company

What did the end of 2019 show in the investor space?
āž”ļø LBO models are indispensable!

LBO purchase price multiples hit record highs in the U.S.

Use this Complex LBO Model to determine the price of the target and the worth of
the investment.

With so many models out there, I like what STANDS OUT about this one:

āœ… Derived from actual LBO models used by four bulge bracket investment banks.
āœ… Implements key concepts related to LBO modeling (revolving credit facilities,
senior debt, subordinated debt, fixed/floating interest rates, AND MORE).
āœ… Great balance between complexity and an intuitive layout.
āœ… Includes annotations for easy use.

Evaluate the transaction and realize the highest possible risk-adjusted internal
rate of return (IRR)!

Happy to share a copy of the fully editable template.

Just leave a comment below and I'll send it over ASAP! šŸ‘‡šŸ‘‡šŸ‘‡

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Post credit to our COO/ Founder Christopher Grey
Model credit to Macabacus

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