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šŸ’° The Ultimate Synergy Valuation Worksheet šŸ’°

Ever wonder:
Why Google and Android merged?
Why Disney took over Pixar and Marvel for more than they were valued at the

Because of the synergy value!
The benefits of these combined companies are worth more than the monetary value.

For example, market growth, market impact, and even product reach.
Based on the benefits, a value will be generated that justifies the M&A.

Thinking about taking over another company or letting yours go?

This Synergy Valuation Worksheet is a great resource to determine your full
company value.
While accounting for additional factors, all in one place.

What's included:

āœ… The entire synergy valuation process explained
āœ… Instructions and additional information
āœ… Pre-configured calculations
āœ… Extensive financial documents

Want access?
Drop a comment below, and I'll send it over ASAP! šŸ‘‡šŸ‘‡

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