Unpopular opinion:

If you don't feel like it, don't show up. Take a break. 😴

I have seen so called experts urging people to show up daily on social media
platforms, especially LinkedIn.

It builds your brand, they insist.🙋

But I tell you, if you don't have anything meaningful to post, or comment, just
keep quiet.🤐

LinkedIn is flooded with "advice", hacks and gyan.✍ We don't need more half
hearted posts that have no value to add. 🙏

So if you have nothing substantial to say, keep mum and scroll through.

Sometimes, silence is golden. Sometimes, you need a break.
Sometimes, you need to just read and absorb information.
Already there is too much noise around. 🗣

Take a break from posting, commenting just for the sake of it.

There, I have said it! Rant over.

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