Two #SalesStructures make me very surprised. 😮

1. When some companies say they don’t have an #incentives program as such

Hmm.. then what is your #motivation for the #Sales team to do more? 🤔

Why would your top performer push a little extra from where they are?

As Charles Schwab says” The way to get things done is to stimulate competition.
I do not mean in a sordid money getting way but in the desire to excel”. 💰💰🎯

A good incentives program is the only way to get your middle quartile to the top
___ ___
2. A capped commission structure!

I can't and will probably never understand this.

I continue to get more money - but my incentives get capped after a while.. Hmm

Be prepared for sandbagging by reps, that hurts the company ultimately ⏳

Advice: Be more thoughtful when introducing this for the next Q for your reps 💰

Cheers, #HappySelling!

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Posted by Prakhar Jain on LinkedIn