Two months at my grandparent's home now! Reading has slowed down a bit - BimaPe
is growing fast (business volume, hiring & follow-on fundraising).

One of our 'Perks at Work' is reimbursing one book per month (up to ₹1,000/-)
provided 'takeaways' and 'action items for BimaPe' are shared in our Slack

For me, 'Contagious' was the clear winner with the STEPPS framework for
word-of-mouth spread of a Product.

I would also recommend:
✅Invent & Wander
(A collection of Jeff Bezos' memos to Amazon shareholders)

(Insights on creative marketing)

✅That Will Never Work
(Netflix founding story)

🤓My key takeaways can be found here:

Our team at BimaPe gets access to more detailed takeaways (good reason to join

I look forward to your recommendations, comments or feedback

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn