Two Important things that can make or break a product?

Any guess?

Ok, let me put it in a more realistic manner, will you be able to store anything
in a baseless jar?

No, without a base a jar is useless.

In almost all the blog posts we see people suggesting different channels for
customer acquisition, how to optimize the CAC (customer acquisition cost), how
to get 10x of ROAS (Return on Ad Spends) and the best marketing strategies to
get 200%-500% of ROI.

If there is so much being done to optimize the campaigns cost, Why CAC for
almost all the products has geared up to 10x for the last 5-7 years?

Simply because products with no value are placing competitive bids against
products with value or no value. This ultimately creates a pricing benchmark for
advertising platforms i.e. the lowest estimated bid for the first page, for the
top of the page and for particular placement in publisher networks.

So if you got a baseless jar, there is no point putting in so much money but to
add a base. Work on your product, iterate till the time you get product-market
fit. Once you achieve it, work more closely with the customers who have already
joined the journey with you.

I am talking about two critical things i.e. product-market fit and the users’