Twitter advertising is now a $4 billion / year business

Twitter released their 2020 Q4 results on Feb. 9th after trading closed.

🐤 Twitter’s average mDAU (monetizable daily active users) reached 192 million
in Q4 of 2020, an increase of 27% year-over-year, with 40 million users added
over the past 12 months.

🔊 The US accounts for 37 million of Twitter’s daily active users.

💲 Twitter saw $1.15 billion in total advertising revenue marking an increase of
31% year-over-year.

⬆️ Carousel ads saw a 15% increase in clickthrough rates on average for Website
Carousels and an approximate 24% increase in installs per impression on average
for App Carousels.

⬆️ Total ad engagements increased 35%, driven by strong growth in ad impressions
due to Twitter’s growing audience and increased demand for ads.

⬇️ Cost per engagement (CPE) decreased another 3%, which was largely a function
of supply opportunities outstripping demand..

⏱ The average daily time on site is 11 min 5 sec with 12 pageviews. To put this
in perspective the average Facebook user spends ~10 min 18 sec on the platform
each day.

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Originally posted by Jason Thibault on LinkedIn