"TV & Print media are still relevant and growing fast."

"Search engine marketing is highly effective because it is intent-driven."

"Display advertising is the cost-effective way to increase the brand awareness."

"OOH is the best medium for brand recall."

"Social media and Influencer marketing drives more customer engagement."

"BTL takes your brand to the grassroots level."

"Events and exhibitions are the best way to engage with your audience directly."

When the entire media world, agencies and peers advise us like this and present
a plethora of choices, what we need to do?

How do we navigate this chaos?

Fancy degrees won’t help. Reading books and attending workshops won't help.
Consuming more content won't help.

No, all these things will only get us in more trouble, unless we have THIS one
key mindset.

A mindset that we don't talk about too often in the business world – REASONING

We need just to cut ourselves off from the shiny objects and dive deep into the
timeless marketing principles like segmentation, customer behaviour,
positioning, storytelling, culture and trust.

Fundamentals feed sanity.

It will drive us in the right direction.

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