Are you running your ads on YouTube ?

Then sometimes, you must be having low clicks and conversion on your high-quality video.

The reason for this is that your ad video ran before the video that is out of your niche. Then, how to find the right video to target ?

Then meet TubeAim

What is TubeAim ?

TubeAim is a YouTube search engine that helps you find monetized videos you can run your ads on.

Official Site : TubeAim

Why TubeAim ?

  • Search by keyword, channel or related videos
  • Advanced Search parameters such as search priority, published date, language used, license type, video definition and video duration.
  • It supports all the languages which are supported by Youtube
  • Save your videos to a Collection List for future reference and editing

Positive Review

"The feature of saving your videos to your collection is really helpful for me. Really loved the product"

Negative Review

"Sometimes, the searched results do not match with the original youtube result"

TubeAim LifeTime Deal 

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What's in the deal ?

  • 25 Sub-accounts
  • No TubeAim Branding
  • Sub-accounts have same features and resources as the TubeAim Stack code you get
  • 30-day money-back guarantee