In our recent meditation workshop, the topic of responsibility came up. I said
"being responsible for things not necessarily yours leads to a creation of
trust. Trust builds value..."

One participant didn't agree. So I asked this Q that you can answer also:

Suppose you own a 1 crore car. Your car insurance needs renewal & the quotes you
receive are the same. You choose:

- Tata Insurance.

- Birla, Ambani, Kejriwal, Singhania Insurance (any).

The response is usually Tata. Even for a few thousands more, I would go with a


Trust is at play. It's an 'invisible' attribute that gets accumulated over time
& shaped by actions & deeds.

Check the image attached. Is it surprising? Would your bias be different?

My learnings for building trust (beyond the obvious):

- HUMILITY! (Everyone knows a couple of Ratan Tata stories).

- Accepting your team members COMMITMENT even though it may harm short term. In
Cos where the 'boss overturns the decisions', trust is destroyed.

- Post facto discovery has to be POSITIVE. Transactions become evident post
closure. Do things that make people who paid you NOT regret their action AFTER
finding out what you got vs gave.

- Service and community welfare IN ADDITION to Profits (Tata).

How have you built Trust?