šŸ‘‰ What are the Best Social Media Tactics? šŸ‘ˆ

āœ… Tweet Replies:
So I use a small formula "#facebookads lang:en ? -filter:links" which I learned from the blog of Ali Mirza. Thank, Ali.

One of the best way to engage with the relevant audience on Twitter.

āœ… Social Listening:
Don't just put the content. Reply to the comments on those content. Listen to your audience. Social Listening as important as any other metric.

āœ… ChatBots:
Chatbots have better open rates than Email Marketing. Create one for your business

āœ… Live Videos:
You may be posting a lot of content but you know what are you missing? WHAT Amitabh?
You are not interacting with your audience, you are not showing your face. People want to meet real humans not just bots.

āœ… Consistency:
Of What, Amitabh?
Content!!! Put content daily on your social channels. Content can be:
How did you build your product?
How did you build your community?
The real content from which people can learn.

āœ… Videos:
But you just said to put content, Amitabh?
Content is not just Text, it includes video. Watching a video, the audience can digest more content.

Share your "best Social Media tactics" in comments.