Top 17 #ProjectManagement Methodologies (#PMM) — and how to pick the best for

1. Waterfall
2. Agile
3. Hybrid
4. Critical path method
5. Critical chain project management
6. Six Sigma
7. Lean Development
8. Lean Six Sigma
9. Scrum
10. Kanban
11. Scrumban
12. Event chain methodology
13. Crystal
14. Feature-driven development
15. Dynamic systems development method
16. Adaptive software development
17. Rapid application development

Key considerations in choosing a project management methodology

-Organizational strategic goals and core values
-Key business drivers
-Project size and cost

The PMM assessment process

-Determine project drivers by identifying and weighing the primary goals and
priorities of the project.
-After determining project drivers, requirements and goals, identify all the
criteria that a methodology will impact and vice versa.
-Identify all available/possible methodologies that are most relevant for the
-Spend time comparing and contrasting each PMM in relation to the project.
-Consider which methodology will yield the best results and offer the least
-Gain feedback and buy-in.
-Document the methodology and rationale.
-Implement the methodology.
-Monitor and modify as required.


Posted by Raj Grover on LinkedIn