Top 10 Things you should GIVE UP before this year-end.

1) Flush your friend's circle, Filter the so-called "family" strangers.

2) Uninstall apps from your mobile which trigger bad brain chemicals.

3) Stop relying on friends and family for everything, Learned to be an alone

4) Minimize your social media usage as much as possible, Always use syndication
platforms such as




for posting without visiting the social media sites or apps.

5) Build new habits in order to kill one of your most bad habits which you
really wanna give up. I strongly recommend you to read the remarkable book name

Atomic Habits


James Clear

6) Change your food habits, Because what we consume will define our mood,
thinking pattern, lifestyle, immune. start consuming clean meals as much as

7) Be an early riser, hit the jogging track or Gym to prepare to build your mind
and body stronger.

8) Breakdown your priorities as three ( Super urgent, High, Must ) and complete
at least 60-70% without compromising yourself.

9) Focus on what's essential, good, suit for your goal, lifestyles,
characteristics to improve your self-value. I recommend two books named called
Deep Work and Digital minimalism to improve your focus and growth ever before (
Reach me out for the PDF versions)

10) Know who you are, Sometimes, most of us we forgot who we are and how we came
up to this level!

Finally, Not everyone coming in your life is NOT just a friend or enemy, Learn
to reinforce yourself to keep them on a certain level.

It's okay! Whatever happened so far is just fine, Some are good memories and few
are just important lessons! NO regrets at all.

But, now! Just move on!

Stay blessed.


Posted by Sharanyan Sharma on Facebook