1. Gym or fitness centre

Gym and Fitness centre is one of the most promising industries with a lot of potentials to grow. The fitness industry is expected to grow from INR 85.4 billion currently to INR 142.47 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 18.60%.

2. Event management

This is one of the fields, which is spreading like a forest fire as more and more people are ready to throw any amount to make their parties, anniversaries and occasions to be remembered for ages.

3. Customised Gifts’ shop


This business of handmade gifts, customized accessories or toys, cushions, cups, key chains, flowering pots or vase and home decors is unique and trendy. One has to follow trends and pick the pulse of the market.

4. Tuition classes

The easiest ways to earn money, without spending much is tuition classes. If you are the only one running tuition classes in the locality, then there are chances that your students will encourage others to come to you.

5. Real estate business/broker

All one needs is contacts and good communications skills to convince both sides of the deal and rest everything will be taken care of on its own. Being the mediator can do wonders.

6. Book store\ library

There are more book lovers and students than any customers for any business. A bookstore and library never runs out of business if finding the location is taken seriously.

7. Advertising agency

This business needs highly skilled and creative persons as its wheels, to run it smoothly. Once it picks up speed, there is no looking back.

8. Online blogging or freelancing

There is a high need for freelancers and online bloggers in almost all industries or renowned brands. Weave your words and spread across the world.

9. Leasing out house or equipments or vehicles

In big cities people flow in and out almost every day, thus it becomes helpful for them if they can rent things such as apartment, furniture, equipments, vehicles instead of buying and carrying them all around.

This business will make you earn profit multiple times than your expenditure.

10. Adventure tourism

This business is not seasonal, people go for vacations almost every month and tourists from other cities and countries flood in day in-day out. This is one of the promising small businesses available. Opportunists never wait too long for opportunities to knock at their doors, they jump the line and carve their own ways.