Today, our team at BimaPe has crossed double digits for the 1st time!

I thought I'd share some learnings from remote hiring, on-boarding and product

📜Create an 'Internal Wiki'
- Assign a responsible person for knowledge management within your team (for us,
it is Vishrut; we use Notion)
- Create separate repositories for (i) Roadmaps; (ii) Processes; (iii) Best
- Make a diary entry to review & update the Wiki

⭐Goal: New hire should be able to spend ~1 hour reading and be primed to start

📹Emphasize 'Visual'
- When writing documents, use screenshots or sketches (especially for UI flows &
decisions); Abraz helps here!
- Schedule 1:1 and 1:many video calls with the team

⭐Goal: New hire should have enough context on recent decisions and discussions
to participate in the next All Hands call.

🖥️Apply frameworks where possible
At BimaPe, we use:
- Andy Grove's rule to limit direct reports to a maximum of 7 per person (not
everyone reports to me!)
- 'Jobs To Be Done' for product development
- Amazon's 3 hiring criterion

With the above, each new hires has been able to "deploy" changes to Wallet by
BimaPe ( in their 1st week of work

❓If you'd like help with resources or templates, please let us know!

#startups #india

Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn