Today, our company raised $20,000,000

But what you won’t read in the news is the story behind every single $1 we saved
to get to where we are today...

Connecting 4 times on a simple flight from San Francisco to Boston...when our
competitors flew business

Cooking our own semi-burnt breakfast before Monday meetings...when all staff at
our top competitor receive 3 catered meals per day

Sitting in the furthest row back as a team at the Golden State Warriors...when
two of our competitors were on the corporate signage

You see - the key 🔑 to winning in business isn’t always about
who has the most dollars
or the biggest team

It’s about your conviction to believe in the greater vision & to be humble in
spite of success.

Whether it be
- Sleeping on the floor to save on hotel room fees
- Paying for corporate meals with your own debit card
- Coming to the office on Saturdays & Sundays to get a head start

I’d do it all again to stretch every penny as far as possible.

I’m writing a book 📖 outlining:
- How we successfully entered & graduated from Y-Combinator, the top startup
incubator in the world
- Fundraising tips we used to raise $30 million in 5 years
- The deck we used to close our Series B round of $20m

Comment ‘Raise’ to get your FREE copy!

Posted by Dailius Wilson on LinkedIn