Today don't be grateful.

Be thoughtful -

"What you could have lost but didn't?"

And then count what you have taken for granted.

Such as -

šŸ‘‰ Your vision
šŸ‘‰ Your limbs
šŸ‘‰ Warm clothes amid winter
šŸ‘‰ Food on the table
šŸ‘‰ Drinking water
šŸ‘‰ The organs in your body
šŸ‘‰ Your near & dear ones that held you close during this year
šŸ‘‰ Your pet
šŸ‘‰ Your clients (and would be ones)

And so on.

This exercise is called 'mental subtraction'.

Do it.

And you'll see that your utter frustration is with the things you expect beyond
what you need.

You have more than what you think you have.

And embrace 2021 with all of the warmth and applause in your heart ā¤ļø

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Posted by Sayantan Sen on LinkedIn