1. Don’t start accepting projects if you’re alone and experience-less. Either you get experience first or have an experienced co-founder.
  2. Jo dikhta hain woh bikta hain. Focus on personal branding as well as corporate branding.
  3. Communication matters a lotttttttttt… Whether it be a meeting or even a WhatsApp group chat, make sure you convey all the points and progress. Interact daily.
  4. Don’t accept low budget clients. They expect the same results as a high budget one. Also, if somehow they recommend you to their friend, the cost will be the same. LOW!
  5. Never settle. Even if you have 10 clients, don’t relax. This is a service-based business. Keep running or else set up the system.
  6. Don’t offer everything. Provide services which you or your team is good at.
  7. Your network is your net worth. I rarely leave my home to find clients, all thanks to my networking abilities.
  8. Learn business skills. If you’re a kickass digital marketer, it doesn’t mean you can run a successful agency.