*1.Don't have hyphen in the domain name* (Eg: money-mantra.com)

Hyphen creates lots of confusion and not brandable

*2.Avoid numbers in the domain name* (Eg: tech4you.com)

Numbers also creates confusion for readers and not brandable

*3.Your domain name should pass a phone test.*

i.e If some is telling a domain name via phone, the receiver should be able to type it easily.

(Eg: impactradius.com is easier to type than compasspurview.com)

*4.Chose .com domain for your website.*
.com is more brandable, accepted worldwide.

*5. Brandable name Vs Keyword domain name.*

Chose if you want to select brandable name like CaratLane.com or keyword name like ilovediamonds.com

Brandable gives you the leverage by expanding your niche.

Eg: if your domain name has seotips.com, you can only write in SEO only. if it is name like shoutmeloud.com , you can broad your niche.

Hope you liked it. Comment your questions if you have