“Tinkering, Reading & Building” – my workstation reflects my mental state and
reminds me of how to execute well on my role at BimaPe..

"The best way to become disciplined is to create a disciplined environment" –
your work set up has a huge impact on your output & attitude.

🏗️The Lego set reminds me that BimaPe needs to take an experiment-driven
approach to building – some pieces will stick; some will fall – but, even when
something is ‘built’ – we may need to tear it down.

📚The book shelf reminds me that we can turbocharge Product & Distribution at
BimaPe by learning from the experience of others – reading, listening and
speaking with others.

At BimaPe, we encourage every team member to be the ‘architect’ their work
station to help them ship lightning fast.

🎨For example – Abraz, our product designer, has a blank white wall behind his
work station to remind him of ‘starting from a clean slate’ while designing
BimaPe’s UI

I’d be really interested to hear about creative workstation set-ups that we
could suggest to our team!

#startups #india

Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/rahul-jaideep-mathur